About Kaleo

Kaleo is a 12-month, intensive program consisting of core curriculum surrounding three primary areas: theology, character, and leadership skills. Our approach to learning is different from the traditional classroom. You’ll find this transformational experience involves a great opportunity for relationship building within your mentor-led cadre, and lots of interactive and shared learning in and out of the classroom.


The name Kaleo is Greek in its origin and translated means: to be called out, appointed and designated for a specific purpose.


Kaleo exists to equip God’s people for effective biblical leadership in and through Christ Fellowship in order to serve as agents of transformation in all spheres of influence.


The School of Biblical Leadership trains leaders within the church, but we don’t want to stop there. The potential for spiritual transformation of our region is going to primarily come from strong Christians who are using Biblical leadership principles in their secular work environments – business, education, government/law, entertainment/media, healthcare and non-profit.