Application Process

The Application


Phase 1: A general application form that is available to anyone who wants to pursue Kaleo. This phase is an opportunity for serious candidates to show interest, provide references, complete a background, credit check, and receive feedback on the eligibility of their application.

Status: Kaleo Applicant

The Interview


Phase 2: Kaleo applicants who are confirmed eligible and approved in Phase 1, will continue to Phase 2, which includes a more in-depth process of information gathering. During this phase, applicants will complete an interview.

Status: Kaleo Candidate

The Cadre Draft


Phase 3: Kaleo candidates who are approved and accepted into the Kaleo program move into Phase 3, during which candidates will be drafted into cadres based on their fit within the specific cadres for the January 2018 launch.

‚ÄčNote: Kaleo candidates who have been approved upon completion of Phase 2, but are not selected for a specific cadre (because of fit or timing) will be placed on a priority list for the following launch.

Status: Kaleo Student

Timeline for January 2018 Launch

Note: Applications are online and available year-round; however, any application received on August 16 or later will be considered for the January 2019 launch.

August 15
Application Deadline.

September 15
Interview process completed.

October 20
Cadre draft completed.

November 10
Deposit due.

January 4/5
Kaleo Retreat.

January 9
First night of class.


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